mobile meals[1]

Trish Coors is a volunteer for the Red Cross from San Antonio. Spend a few minutes with her and you’ll notice that she never holds still, talking as she scoops green beans and chicken strips into to-go containers. Her job is to bring meals to people who can’t cook for themselves because their homes are damaged by disaster, but she sees it as more than just serving a hot meal.

“People need to stay strong and healthy after a disaster, and that means eating good food and hydrating,” she explains, handing a meal off to a local resident. “I’m helping them recover.”

Trish has done this job on many disasters and says the partnership between the Red Cross and the Southern Baptist Convention is one of the most reliable relationships in the disaster response world “It’s all about trust, because I know without a doubt that the food I serve is going to be great,” says Trish. “And they know that I’m going to get it to those who need it.” She calls it a “Cookie Cutter” process because no matter where the disaster is and no matter what group from the Southern Baptist Convention she works with, she can expect that everyone will do their part. “I can’t imagine doing this without them!”