girls with RC lunch - JKoch - DR 848-16 copy

We are in the West Houston Trailer Park and it’s lunchtime. Three Red Cross volunteers have arrived to deliver hot meals. Four sisters—Reina, Katherine, Karol and Ally—are hungry!

It’s easy to overlook this community, tucked away off the state highway behind an auto repair shop. It’s not quite a week since floodwaters rose quickly, precipitously and tore through the entire neighborhood. To escape the water, families made their way to higher ground by the road, many spending the night on the porch of a small Mexican café that had closed for the night.

A week later, carpets have been pulled out, furniture airs out in the sun, and cars that escaped the worst flooding are parked with doors open to dry out. Every home, every family, here has been impacted, it will take time to recover, but as residents get back on their feet, Red Cross is delivering two meals a day.