Different yet the same

Idalia Trevino has been a volunteer for the Red Cross in Texas for many years. She has stories about disaster relief operations where she has performed in many roles, but she is currently working on a team in bulk distribution, handing out supplies to residents who have had their homes damaged by the latest round of floods in Houston.

Roneisha Trimble appeared at the Red Cross headquarters in Houston on Friday, asking how she could serve her community. She was assigned as an “Event-Based Volunteer” to the bulk distribution team. An event-based volunteer is a person not officially trained as a Red Cross volunteer but someone who wants to pitch in temporarily for the relief efforts.

These two very different women have become quite the pair, greeting and providing help to the families coming to their distribution site. They also support each other, making sure each has enough water to drink and time to rest from the heat. Watching them is like watching a mother and daughter relationship, filled with smiles and laughter.

Many of the strongest volunteers in the Red Cross started out as people who just wanted to help one day, and discovered a passion for a mission and created friendships with people they never would have met in any other way. Welcome, Roneisha!