20160422_RC Shelters DR 8480702A[1]

In the immediate aftermath of the Houston flooding disaster, more than 300 people, who were suddenly forced to leave their homes and facing great uncertainty, found a place to stay at the Red Cross shelter at MO Campbell Education Center. Among the many shelter residents, there were families with children, pregnant mothers and elderly residents. Most left their homes with just a change of clothes and little else. Many were also in need of health care and were without the medications they needed.

Red Cross volunteers Loly Thomas, right and Mary Tolbert, left, were on site to offer health assistance for all who needed it. An elderly woman, center, was struggling with severe respiratory issues. Loly and Mary were able to stabilize her, yet concerned she needed immediate medical care. They called an ambulance to take her to the emergency room for the specialized care she needed.

Mary and Loly are licensed nurses and helped replace prescriptions and ensured all shelter residents’ health issues were met. They are among hundreds of Red Cross volunteers who have mobilized to assist displaced residents in flooding disaster response.