Story by Sanjanetta Barnes, Photos by Krista Davenport, Red Cross Contributors

Lee Mari is a retired engineering manager who instead of living a more laid-back life has decided to give back to others. “The Red Cross is a volunteer driven organization that aims to help people in emergencies. As a volunteer, I am ready to spend my time and efforts to help those who desperately need it,” said Mari.

Since 2015, Mari has dedicated his time to helping support Red Cross disaster relief efforts throughout the nation. In fact, as the volunteer Disaster Services Technology (DST) manager, he has deployed for numerous disasters including Hurricane Florence, the California wildfires, Alabama tornadoes and Missouri floods.

Mari is a volunteer with a heart of gold, who has been deeply affected by deployment and believes each experience has taught him to appreciate the little things in life. “When I see how gracious and compassionate people can be under the worst circumstances, it makes me appreciate my life and I realize just how good the world would be if we all realized that the greatest value in life is human life.”

The recent storms in Texas have left Mari feeling like he wants to do even more to help the community. He appreciates the Red Cross belief in helping anyone, anywhere at any time and encourages others to get involved and help out when they can. “Everyone should become a Red Cross volunteer so that they can spread the principles of the organization and maybe by helping others, we can solve the world’s problems.”