Story and Photos by Juanita P. Casanova, Red Cross Contributor 

Imagine ending up in a shelter after a flood or a hurricane.  All your belongings are damaged or ruined and you feel overwhelmed.  You look around a room filled with strangers, but one person stands out…

As a spiritual care lead, Dr. Diana Levine, helps individuals by developing or walking them through a plan for the future, making herself available as she helps alleviate some of the psychological stress from a disaster.

She believes and follows the mission of the American Red Cross to take care of all humans regardless of their faith base and works to ensure positive relationships are established through communication and collaboration. “I enjoy helping people because everyone has a spirit, and we are all diverse individuals,” said Dr. Levine.  “Everyone should have knowledge on how to take care of themselves especially after experiencing a disaster regardless of the severity.” 

In her role as a spiritual care lead, Dr. Levine’s mission is to “Welcome all diverse groups and treat them with respect and kindness so there is more peace, and that all individuals are treated equally regardless of cultural or economic status.” 

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