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Photo of MaryJane Mudd with Ashley Davis

(By Jacqueline Koch) It was just a few days after the Houston floods peaked and ripped through a number of neighborhoods in the area. My colleague MaryJane and I met the Davis family—a mom and dad with six children ranging in age from 6 through 22. MaryJane spent a morning with the kids, the youngest was Ashley, 6 years old. This little girl impressed us both with her bravado and her incredible ability bounce back from what was likely the most distressing event her family had experienced. When floodwaters rose throughout the first floor of the house, topping three feet, the National Guard came to rescue them by boat.

It’s quite an event to experience. It may have been her age, but she was completely at ease, making herself at home in the shelter and rolling with the dramatic changes that had just unfolded in her life. Then again, despite her youth, she may have gotten her wisdom from her mom, Teresa. She said: “We aren’t people who look back. We look forward.” Then she added, “You know what else? I think this is good for the kids. It will teach them humility.”

It was a short visit with the Davis family, but their strength will inspire me for a long time.