A flooding disaster has struck. A single mom with two kids was forced to evacuate her home. A week later, she’s taking steps to get back on her feet. When emotionally drained and trying to navigate the often complex path toward recovery, caring for kids can be a struggle. This is where Red Cross and Children’s Disaster Services join forces to help kids and their parents cope.

Two-year-old Tityanna Lipscomb is a cute and precocious toddler, looking to be entertained. John Surr, a volunteer with Children’s Disaster Services, is keeping her busy reading books and playing with toys that he’s brought all the way from his home in Maryland. Mom, Dania Watson, with her 6-month-old infant son in hand, is in the next room, meeting with a Red Cross caseworker, who is helping to guide her to resources that will be useful for taking steps forward.

Watching volunteers from these two organizations work together is to witness effective partnership in action. In short time, Tityanna had fun and her mom got the information she needed to jump-start her recovery from the Houston floods.