Little things

Imagine that you are a child who has lost his home to a flood. You’re living in a shelter that is clean, provides you a place to sleep and food to eat, but it isn’t home. Then you see a festival across the street with rides and music and fun, but you’re family is trying to save its money for rebuilding.

American Red Cross volunteers at the South Community Center shelter heard about the wishes of the children in the shelter and decided to do something about it. Volunteers Bonnie, Jackie, Shawn and Debra went over to the Throwdown Texas Festival and talked to organizers about the families staying at the shelter, and how the price of participating in the event was beyond their resources at this time. The event organizers were so moved by the volunteers’ story that they offered free tickets to all of the shelter residents.

The children were able to participate in the children’s section of the festival, filled with inflatable games, giving them a chance to play and forget about their troubles for one evening. One parent told the Red Cross volunteers that they were “angels” and that all of the families were so appreciative that the volunteers went above and beyond for them.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.