National Public health week is observed annually during the first week of April to spotlight issues that are relevant to improving public health. The American Public Health Association, for over 20 years, has typically organized National Public Health week.

This week, communities across the United States are brought together to emphasize the concerns that are important to improving the United States of America and to also recognize public contributions. This year’s theme is “Centering and Celebrating Cultures in health”. There is a theme for each day starting as follows.

  1. Community (3rd)
  2. Violence Prevention (4th)
  3. Reproductive and Sexual Health (5th)
  4. Mental Health (6th)
  5. Rural Health (7th)
  6. Accessibility (8th)
  7. Food and Nutrition (9th)

HOW WE CONTRIBUTE The American Red Cross is committed to improving public health and that commitment has not wavered since its inception. It responds to emergencies every 8 minutes. These emergencies could be multi-state natural disasters or just a home fire. The Red Cross responds to an average of 60000 natural disasters every year so communities, whether rural or urban, can have access to clean water, hot food, and a safe place to stay when they need it the most.

Violence is a public health threat and is an obstacle to healthy living. Every two seconds there is a need, by someone, for platelets and blood in the United States with about 5000 units of Platelets, 6500 units of Plasma, and 29000 units of Red Blood Cells needed every day. The Red Cross’s committed to blood donation saves lives.

The Fundamental Principles of the Global Red Cross Network form the foundation of Nursing and Health work. Red Cross programs and services support individuals and families where they live, work and play (social determinants of health).  Health/mental health professional volunteers have an integral role in this work.

HOW CAN YOU HELP The Red Cross contributes towards improving public health by mobilizing the power of its volunteers and the generosity of its donors.

Volunteer or Donate to the Red cross. You can also Donate blood.

Schedule a blood donation today by contacting your Red Cross Chapter, downloading the Red Cross Blood Donor App, calling 1-800-REDCROSS (1800-7332767) or visiting Come with your friends, family, and colleagues so more people can get the help they might desperately need. Help the Red Cross save lives.