The app offers information on 13 different emergencies and more than 35 alerts based on geographic location

 The American Red Cross  wants to make sure people know where they can get safety information during disasters, as well as know where Red Cross Emergency shelters are located. The Red Cross emergency app gives the user instant access to safety and preparedness resources and alerts for 13 different types of emergencies in a single mobile app – free, and very easy to use.

The Red Cross app provides comprehensive information on what to do in case of hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, residential and forest fires among other emergencies. With the key word ‘American Red Cross’, users can download the emergency application for free at or in the virtual stores of Apple App and Google Play.

“This app gives families tips for being safe and connected in an emergency,” said Brittney Rochell, Regional Communications Director for the Texas Gulf Coast Red Cross. “Because the app covers a variety of situations, the user will know what to do in the event of an emergency or disaster, regardless of where they are or type of emergency.”

In the toolkit under the Prepare section is a feature called “I’m Safe”.  The “I’m Safe” feature allows the user to connect with their loved ones and instantly see if they’re okay – even if that family member hasn’t downloaded the emergency app on their device. If the family member or friend does not have the Red Cross emergency app, they will receive a text message asking if they are safe or not.

Here are some of the many features the app includes:

  1. According to the user’s preferences, the application offers more than 35 alerts based on geographic location (GPS) and pre-programmed locations – usually where family and friends live.
  2. The user can activate or deactivate alerts according to their needs.
  3. By means of a map, in the application, the user can locate Red Cross shelters and obtain weather reports specific to their area. 
  4. Users can easily change the preferences of the application and receive information in English or Spanish! 
  5. The Red Cross emergency app is also a source of information for incidents affecting large areas, such as landslides or snowstorms.
  6. Its content puts the Red Cross expert guidance in your hands, anytime, anywhere – even without mobile connectivity. 
  7. With the touch of a button the user has access to the “make a plan” function, which allows him to elaborate, share and practice his disaster plan.

Apps can help you prepare for disasters, it’s important to remember that downloading our apps is not a substitute for training. For information on how to register and take a First Aid, CPR and AED class, visit and click “Take a Class”.