Helping Families Reconnect When Separated by Conflict or Disaster

Millions of people live as refugees and internally displaced people around the world, forced to choose between safety and their family and the comforts of home. Of those, almost half are children under the age of 18. This World Refugee Day, June 20th, the Texas Gulf Coast Red Cross joins with the global community to call attention to the needs of these refugees and the ways in which people can help shoulder their burden.  

“Armed conflicts and disasters leave millions of people around the globe in urgent need of humanitarian assistance every year,” said Kimberley Knights, Regional Service to the Armed Forces Director.  “As a community with a vibrant refugee population, we are directly tied to what happens in seemingly far off places.  While providing shelter and relief supplies are the most visible ways we help, the American Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast also makes a difference around the world, as well as here at home, with our restoring family links program.”  

Knowing the needs of the refugee community goes far beyond one day, the Texas Gulf Coast Red Cross is  committed to helping people all year long.  Everyday, the American Red Cross—as part of our International Family Tracing Serves program—transmits messages from all over the world to help families who have lost touch with their loved ones reconnect.   Globally, the Red Cross and Red Crescent network facilitated the exchange of thousands of messages between families separated by disaster and conflict.  

Join us in celebrating World Refugee Day and help make an impact at home and overseas.