Corpus Christi, Texas – As the month of April comes to an end the American Red Cross is honoring the resiliency and strength of children from military families.

This recognition is important because thanks to our brave men and women that serve our country, we can live a peaceful life. But our military are not the only heroes, their children and families are heroes too. They sacrifice ever birthday, holiday, and other special days of spending time with their loved ones for our freedom.

These sacrifices are hard for a child who doesn’t understand why their mom or dad is leaving and why their return will be several months later or even years later. At the American Red Cross, we want to thank you for all your sacrifice in serving as a military child.

The Color Purple

To military families, different colors represent each branch. For the Navy, Air Forces and Coast Guard it is blue. Red represents the Marines and green represents the Army. Military communities use purple to show their support. Wearing purple is a way to show your gratitude towards military children for their strength and sacrifices. But purple means so much more than we think, it also shows wisdom and bravery. So, the next time you go to a military function, make sure to wear purple.

Military Child Month Celebration

Finding ways to celebrate your special child, is important. Here are some tips of ways to get involved or give back to the community:

  • The American Red Cross is offerings free, confidential mental wellness classes led by mental health professionals for the whole military family. 
  • Two other popular workshops are “Roger That! Communication Counts,” which focuses on self-confidence and communication strategies, and “Operation 10-4: Confident Coping,” a session that includes hands-on activities designed to combat stress. 
  • Other classes help military families connect, including tips for service members on how to smoothly reconnect with their children when they return from deployments and planning for how to manage extended periods of separation. 
  • Volunteer with the American Red Cross or other organizations
  • If you are a military mom or dad that is seeking support for your family, we encourage you to connect with us by visiting our website at or by calling us at 1-877-272-7337. You can also learn more by downloading the Red Cross Hero Care App, available for all devices.

Not only do Military members serve our country but their children serve too. So, for the month of April let us celebrate and say Thank you!