What is left of Frances Martin’s house

It was a beautiful and peaceful day at the residence of Frances Martin in Crockett, Texas. Her family had just gathered around the living room to watch television and settle down for the night when the unexpected happened.  

 “We heard a really loud noise coming towards us that shook me to my core,” Frances said. “The next thing I knew I was on the ground.” 

An EF-2 tornado ripped through their home, destroying everything in its path.  As Frances went in search for help, she drove to the Crockett Civic Center. When she pulled into the parking lot she saw three Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles full of supplies.  

“I knew when we arrived that we were at the right place,” Frances said emotionally. “I need help as my house is gone.”  

“When I opened my eyes my 16-year-old grandson was pulling me out of the debris and searching for the rest of the family, “Frances said. “I was so scared” 

Ethen Hernandez pulled his family to safety, one by one, from underneath furniture and house siding that had fallen on top of them. After making sure the family was all okay, Frances called a friend to help. 

The friend drove her to the Civic Center where we met her. “When I saw the Red Cross, I felt relief and hope,” Frances said. 

After learning of the devastation in France’s neighborhood, the Red Cross sent an Emergency Response Vehicle full of supplies to Norman Lane, Frances’s neighborhood. More than 30 homes were destroyed in Crockett on Tuesday night, many of those being on Norman Lane. Frances’s house was the first house on the street. When our disaster assessment volunteers walked up to her house, her daughter Julie Chino was there.

Red Cross team members Natalie Warren and Chester Jourdan visit with Julie Chino about the tornado her mother and son rode out in Crockett, Texas.

“It was scary, really scary but it means the world to us knowing that the Red Cross is here now” Julie said. 

She sobbed as she hugged our team. Our team provided her and the family with water, snacks and meals. The team is working to provide the family with additional resources as needed.  

To learn how you can donate to help those like Frances and others who experience disasters like these tornadoes go to, redcross.org.  

Story by Vanessa Valdez