For many, donating blood is something they would like to do, but for one reason or another, haven’t been able to. Anna Krupa knows how that feels.

“I’ve always wanted to donate blood, but I never did because I kept procrastinating,” said the Houston resident. For Krupa, one of the hurdles preventing her from giving blood was simply not knowing how to sign up.

When Krupa’s son asked if he could donate, she decided it was time to figure it out. Opening her phone, she navigated to Google and searched for a familiar organization – the American Red Cross.

“It’s known all over the world,” said Krupa. “I thought since it’s my first time, I would like to do it where I know the institution.”

Finding a blood drive close to home she made an appointment. “I was able to sign up online,” said Krupa. “It was super easy.”

Waiting for a chair to open up, Krupa recalls her reason for wanting to give blood, “My mom had cancer a few years ago and received many blood transfusions during her treatment.”

When Krupa’s blood donation is complete, the first-time donor looks up and smiles, “It was way easier than I thought it would be. Just simple…the entire process – from me registering online, to finding a place near me, and scheduling an appointment. Everything was smooth. Simple.”

Krupa adds, “I wish I’d done it a long time ago.”

When asked if she would she donate again, Krupa smiles and nods enthusiastically, “Absolutely.”

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Story by Red Cross contributor, Kristen Vogel

Photos by Red Cross contributor, Marcos Bracamontes