Red Cross volunteer Mary Lynn Shaffer from Owasso, Oklahoma takes a quick breather after spending all day delivering supplies to residents in Willacy County.

Shaffer has been a Red Cross volunteer for three years and she loves it. “I’ve been pretty darn lucky,” said Shaffer.  “I’m independent and I am financially stable, so I feel I just need to help.”

In management before she retired, Shaffer is happy to have the opportunity to do something different. “I love so many things I do for the Red Cross, but I really love driving the ERV (Emergency Response Vehicle)”.

As the ERV Lead in her chapter area, Shaffer has been in numerous disaster relief operations including the California Wildfires.

The next time you see an ERV, check to see if it’s Mary from Oklahoma!

Story and photos by Juanita P. Casanova, American Red Cross contributor