Story by Red Cross contributor, Sanjanetta Barnes

Joaney Hernandez and her young sons, ages 8 and 11, are one of many families that understand how hard starting over after devastation can be.

Hernandez lost everything in Hurricane Harvey and when the flooding began in South Texas in June, her constant state of fear every time heavy rain moves through kicked into overdrive. “I was scared, when the rain came down heavy and the water started to rise, just like it did in Harvey. I thought we were going to lose everything again.”

Hernandez and her family were fortunate this time around, only needing a Red Cross clean-up kit and bleach to address the water that entered her apartment. She considers herself one of the lucky ones.

Despite their loss, the Hernandez family is grateful for the kindness that Red Cross has shown them.  Each family loaded supplies into their cars and headed home to begin the process of recovery, something that’s become all too familiar in their community.