Ira “Renee” Albritton and her husband Archie lost everything when Tropical Storm Imelda hit their city of Hamkamer. Rescued from their home by airboats on Thursday night, they were brought to the Red Cross shelter in Chambers County, where they were given dry clothes and a warm bed with covers plus, of course, food to eat.  

But this is not the first experience the couple has had with the Red Cross, as they were first introduced to the Red Cross after Hurricane Harvey. “They were at the right place and the right time then and now when we need them,” said Renee. She finds comfort and peace of mind from the shelter’s security along with the volunteers constantly going by and checking on shelter residents’ well-being.  

When the couple arrived at the shelter, they were welcomed by Ira’s brother and cousin whom had also been rescued from their homes. Even though they’ve lost everything, they still maintain positive spirits. Everyone in this close-knit family group lost everything, but their spirits remain high. 

“We have a clean and dry place to sleep. We are blessed,” said Renee’s cousin Ira Boykin. “They have been so good to us.”