As summer vacation draws to a close and you’re making that list of school supplies the kids will need, take a look at these safety and preparedness tips from the American Red Cross and make your student’s trip back to the classroom a safe one.


Kids who ride a bus to school should:

  • Board the bus only after it has come to a complete stop
  • Only board their bus and never an alternate one
  • Never walk behind the bus

Kids who ride their bike to school should:

  • Always wear a helmet, obey all traffic signs and ride on the right in the same direction as traffic

Kids who walk to school should:

  • Only cross the street at an intersection, and use a route along which the school has placed crossing guards

Teenagers who to drive to school should:

  • ALWAYS use seat belts
  • Not use their cellphone to text or make calls
  • Obey all traffic signs, including speed limits


  • Make sure your child knows their phone number, address, how to get in touch with their parents at work, how to get in touch with another trusted adult and how to dial 9-1-1
  • Teach your child not to talk to strangers or accept rides from someone they don’t know


  • Be aware that children are out walking or biking to school and slow down, especially in residential areas and school zones
  • Yellow flashing bus lights indicate the bus is getting ready to stop and motorists should slow down and be prepared to stop. Red flashing bus lights and an extended stop sign indicate the bus is stopped and children are getting on or off. Drivers in both directions must stop their vehicles and wait until the lights go off, the stop sign is back in place and the bus is moving before they can start driving again


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Prepared by, Ekland Durousseau, Red Cross contributor