Juanita Casanova, Red Cross Contributor

Just a month ago, Sharla Orsak moved to Baytown from Spring, Texas. This week, her apartment complex was one of many hit hard by strong winds, rain and flooding. “The water was coming in through the front and back doors; we were scared and concerned.”

Soon after, her apartment complex lost power, but everyone was managing with some struggles. The turning point came when the water was also cut off due to a broken water pipe.  Orsak and her youngest daughter, London, watched as the American Red Cross Emergency Vehicle rolled in on Saturday distributing water and shelf stable meals. “My kids really liked the spaghetti.” Her youngest daughter London, was really impressed that the Red Cross was out there helping people in a time of need.

Today, as the Red Cross distributed hot meals to residents of the apartment complex, Sharla commented, “You know it’s Mother’s Day and all, but . . . we are not alone in this. Our neighbors support each other especially in a time of need.”

Sharla’s goal is to get her certification to teach Yoga; however, now with everything that has happened with the flooding, she would like to set up some meetings with the residents of the apartment complex and work on getting better prepared for disasters such as this.  She believes that between her and her husband, a veteran; they can share their knowledge with others. 

“I would like to get to know some of these women around here, get to know them and be there for them. I have been in the places they are in.  I have had some hard times; I see people going through those things.  I want to help out also because I wish someone had helped me when I was drowning.  I am just so grateful for the Red Cross; they just brought a smile to our day.”

As they walked back to their home, London looked up at her mom and said, “Mommy, one day I want to be a Red Cross volunteer, so I can also help people!”