By Amy Yen, volunteer contributor, American Red Cross North Texas Region

The Campos gather for a family photo. They put their arms around each other. They link hands. They are together.

It’s because of this that they’re all smiling, here at the Red Cross shelter at the Samuell Grand Recreation Center in Dallas, after evacuating from Angleton, Texas last week.

“A lot of people there wanted to wait it out. But I took my whole family, all my grandchildren, and we left,” says Fernando Campos.

Campos Family
The Campos family poses for a family photo in front of an American Red Cross shelter in Dallas.

In all, 25 Campos evacuated to Dallas. Although they evacuated early on, the roads were already flooding on their way out of town. Now Angleton is surrounded by water and under mandatory evacuation.

“It’s like an island,” Fernando explains. “So we just have to wait.”

They want to go home to see how their house is. But if they have to come back, they know where to go.

“We like it here. People treat us right. It’s a nice shelter to come and stay,” says Adan Campos. He then translates for his mother, Maria: “She feels sad because of what’s happening around us. All the people who lost everything. But they’ve treated us right here. Everyone has been so nice.”

It’s been so nice, the Campos are considering moving to this area permanently.

“I’ve been looking for a house. I like it here. Every year or two, we’ve had to leave Angleton anyway, because of hurricanes and flooding,” Fernando explains.

Someone points out his Cowboys hat and asks if he’s a fan. “No,” he laughs. “Someone gave it to me. But if I move here, maybe I will be.”

For now, the Campos are just happy to have made it to Dallas.

“We’re happy we were able to get out and come here,” says Adan. “Anything that we lost, we can always buy again. That’s the way you have to see it. We’re happy that we’re all together.”

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