By Cathy Nguyen

Walking behind a three foot bundle of emotions, I follow my goddaughter, who’s determined to run away to Grandma’s house. I can’t help but chuckle at the notion of how she managed to pack her rolling bag with toys, her binky, and clothes. She of course doesn’t pack food, water or underwear but to her she thinks she has the essentials.

While I know my dear friends and I have not prepared my little traveler to truly leave home yet, she is prepared should there ever be an emergency at home. If you were to ask her what we do if we smell smoke she’d tell you, “I get my rope monkey, go down and wait for mommy and daddy at the bottom of the big tree in the front yard.” It’s not much, but for a four year old it’s a good start to make sure she’ll be safe and like her binky, it’s something she won’t soon forget.

Home Fire Preparedness Campaign
Red Cross escape plan

The Red Cross has several resources to prepare children for fire emergencies and offer a sense of comfort that they are ready to escape home when it really matters. You may not always be a few feet away from your child when they need you but you can prepare them to be ready to know what to do should a home fire occur.

Visit home fire safety for kids to learn lifesaving tips and strategies for your family.