Red Cross SAF, military and community partner veterans.

To honor Red Cross Service to Armed Forces (SAF) veteran staff and community partners, the Texas Gulf Coast Region American Red Cross hosted a Veterans Day celebration at the Houston chapter. “We wanted to thank our veterans and our SAF partner organizations and celebrate more than 100 years of service to the military and their families,” said David Carpentier, SAF Regional Program Director.

The event was well attended by local SAF community and military partners, Red Cross volunteers and staff, including Debra Murphy-Luera, Regional COO of the Texas Gulf Coast Region.

Houston’s Military Processing Unit (MPS) and the National Guard, two of SAFs biggest partners, had a major presence at the event. Carpentier shared that Red Cross SAF regularly partners with Houston’s MPS, which is the fourth largest in the country, to share Red Cross services to the military and their families.

SAF partners with the National Guard during emergencies, working together to assist the community. During non-emergency situations they share information and support veterans and military members as per their needs.


David Carpentier, SAF Regional Program Director

Major Cork, Chaplain of the National Guard, opened the event with a prayer and a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Carpentier, a veteran himself, began his presentation with George Skypeck’s poem “Soldier” then shared the origin and history of Veterans Day. The event concluded with a slideshow of combat zone photos from veteran Red Cross staff and volunteers.


To help celebrate the event, Jessica Escamillo, a Red Cross volunteer and daughter of an Air Force veteran, generously donated a gorgeous red, white and blue cake.

To all our veterans and current military, thank you for all you do and all you have sacrificed. The Red Cross is proud to serve and support you and your families.

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