Father’s Day is a day to honor Dad with cards, gifts and a backyard barbeque unless of course Dad is deployed with the American Red Cross to Texas. At the Greater Houston Chapter of the American Red Cross several Fathers are honored with special recognition as they spend their special day serving the citizens affected by the flooding around Houston,Texas.

Eric Jones from Lakewood, Co is spending Father’s Day working on the disaster instead of being home with his wife Suzanne and son Traeger. Jones told us that after becoming a father five years ago he has been on a Red Cross deployment three of the five years. Today Traeger called his Dad via Skype to wish him a Happy Father’s Day and share a peanut butter sandwich moment with him. When Jones asked Traeger will he was going to celebrate, Traeger said he was “going to celebrate in spirit” with his Dad. Jones said he and his wife had already planned to have a barbeque with some other Father’s and their families and the barbeque will go on; Jones will be there as Traeger says “in spirit”. Jones says “we will celebrate when I get home, but today I am feeling homesick”.pic 2

Another father is looking forward to a trip home after he ends his two week deployment. Roger Blinn from Virginia is looking forward “to spending at least part of Father’s Day” with family and friends.

pic 3Today Phill Brodeur, Port St Lucie, Fl has been assigned to assist in setting up the Multi Agency Resource Center in Richmond, Tx. His Father’s Day plans include some FaceTime with his wife, also hearing from his two daughters and four grandchildren. Phill has been at the Greater Houston Chapter for a week and will be staying another week.