Fund raisers strategizing ways to serve  the community

A disaster relief operation, like the one occurring in Houston for the Spring Floods of 2016, has many moving parts. There are people who do the things that are visible like managing shelters, delivering food and supplies, and sitting down with clients to do casework. They carry out the mission of the Red Cross that is so vital to helping people recover.

But none of this could happen without the support of those who raise the funds needed to pay for the materials and food and aid. The Fund Development team serves the community in a unique way, calling upon the business and foundation champions that step up to support the relief operation, because without this support, the Red Cross couldn’t provide the tens of thousands of meals and supplies and shelter nights.

Lereca Monik-Coxeff is a Relationship Manager who asks others to make significant investments in the mission of the Red Cross. “Fundraising is the department that is interwoven and connected to all the elements of disaster relief.”

Ronald Jackson, the Regional Chief Development Officer for the American Red Cross of the Texas Gulf Coast Region, wants everyone to know that his team is devoted to bringing the mission to life through their work. “The Fund Development office is pulling out all of the stops to get the job done, talking to donors and telling the Red Cross story.”