Rebuilding after Disaster

When a company like The Home Depot supports the mission of an agency like the American Red Cross, the resources it can provide makes rebuilding after disaster possible.

When a company’s employees also support that mission with their time and expertise, it makes miracles possible. As the line of cars of families affected by the recent Houston spring floods grew at the bulk distribution site, dozens of Home Depot employees wearing their orange t-shirts joined forces with Red Cross volunteers. The two groups came together like a well-oiled machine, shouting out needs and filling orders of water, cleaning supplies and tarps for those who were trying to rebuild their lives. The people being served kept saying, “Thank you. Thank you so much.” The volunteers replied, “Thank you for letting us help.”

The camaraderie between people helping people was obvious even to the neighbors watching the distribution across the street. Rosalie’s house did not sustain flooding, but many of her neighbors’ did, so she and her husband spent the morning calling around to share the news that the Red Cross was there with resources. “You are all doing such great work,” she said. “I believe that the world is a better place because of the Red Cross, and what I’m seeing today makes me think there’s still hope for everyone.”