From Left to Right: Greg Clover, Volunteer Warehouse Manager of La Jolla, CA, Jen Edwards, Disaster Volunteer of Dallas, Texas, Lance Malmgren of Spring, Texas and Eric Cain of Texarkana, Texas with Red Cross Public Affairs.

When Lance Malmgren of 5P Development in Humble, Texas received an email from a business associate requesting donated warehousing space for the American Red Cross to use as a staging area and distribution center in response to the Houston floods, he said he couldn’t not donate the vacant building he and his family own.

Lance said that being the local owner of the property allowed him to respond immediately. Within hours the property was buzzing with Red Cross activity. He went on to say that the many other property developers who were emailed really wanted to help but they had to get approvals. Fortunately for Houstonians, Lance was able to say yes without consulting anyone who doesn’t live under the same roof with him – his family.

The Red Cross and the residents of Houston owe a debt of gratitude to Lance Malmgren, the Malmgren family and 5P Development in Humble, Texas.