After a disaster a child’s view of the world can change and they develop fears and anxiety about a society they once thought to be safe and kind. Common fears that children develop are:

  • Fear that the event will happen again
  • Someone close to them will be killed or hurt
  • They will be separated from their family

Here are some very important tips to keep in mind when ensuring your child(ren) have a healthy recovery.

Tip #1

Talk and Listen

Allow your child to talk to you about the disaster and how they feel. Listen to their fears and any anxiety they will have as well as comfort them and acknowledge the validity of their feelings.

Tip #2

Provide Your Child With Information About the Disaster

The older the child, the more they will want to know. It is very important to give your child information about the important changes going on and let them know that they are safe and you are going to ensure their safety.

Tip #3

Involve Your Children

Following a disaster there is always fear that it could happen again. Sit with your family and create a disaster plan and evacuation kit. This will help alleviate anxiety and both you and your family will know what to do and be prepared should a similar event happen again.

Tip #4

 Spend Extra Time With Your Children

Following a disaster it is important to give your child extra attention and love as they will need it. Such a significant disaster can cause children to feel lost and hopeless. By spending extra time with them, you are providing necessary support and love as they try to process the major changes that are occurring.

It is important to remember that each child responds differently during a disaster and they will need your help to process the difficulties that have come to pass. For more information on how you can help your child deal with disaster, click here.