Be weather aware. Be prepared. Be sure to download the Red Cross Flood App. Go to
Be weather aware. Be prepared. Be sure to download the Red Cross Flood App. Go to

Water rising, family homes swept away and whole cities were left damp after the recent storm season in Texas.

But the one attribute Mother Nature couldn’t wash away this year was the strong will of Texan’s to ban together and get through it as one, #Allin4TX.

As the seasons change there is plenty of time to prepare for the possibility of another very wet spring season, even though I can say we here all have our fingers crossed for a mild and healthy dosage of rainfall.

What To Keep In Mind:

  • Pay attention to the weather in your area. Stay tuned in to weather stations on the radio, television and the almighty Twitter.
  • Have an evacuation route pre-planned. Know the alternative routes in case roads are closed or highways are jam-packed.
  • When a flash flood warning is issued, know where higher ground is located.
  • NEVER allow children to wade to rising water.


  • Personal documents
  • 3-day supply of water and food
  • Flashlight & batteries
  • Hygiene products
  • Extra cash
  • Sand bags
  • Baby and/or pet supplies
  • Rain gear & insect repellent (remember all those bugs after the water resided?) 

If faced with flooding damage know there are resources for you and your family’s needs. The American Red Cross and FEMA pull together its resources in times of need, so be sure to have the correct contact information.

And remember, in the wake of a disaster many people are left with little to no possessions. Stick together and stay strong, we kicked Mother Nature’s hide before and we can do it again.

Source: How Do You Prepare For A Flood?