By: Mike Maloney

When it comes to car travel, Memorial Day weekend is July 4th’s little brother. Roads can become busier than the west loop during rush hour. We at the Red Cross want everyone to enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend. And nothing is more enjoyable than knowing you’re safe.

Now we could list hundreds of tips for you to consider, but by the end of this post you’d probably feel any trip wasn’t worth the hassle. Therefore we’d like to cover some of the areas that might not come to mind right away.

One of the most beneficial moves a traveler can make is being mindful before they’re in route as oppose to during. Make sure that your vehicle has recently been serviced before a long road trip. Something as simple as your tire’s air pressure can make a huge difference when it comes to staying on course. Furthermore, pay attention to the weather forecast for your destination. For example can help you avoid storms that could impact your safety. Lastly, let someone know where you’re headed incase you get lost or into trouble (see 127 Hours)

Embrace the journey. Making frequent stops allows you to rotate drivers and recharge your own battery as opposed to just the car’s. If you’re alone, it’s important to give your mind a breather – although if you are stopping at Buc-ee’s, few things can be more stressful than picking out the right flavored jerky.

At the very least, download our Red Cross apps to have important information on hand for different types of weather disasters and how to handle first aid emergencies. This in addition to always wearing your seat belt and never drinking and driving or travelling with anyone who has been drinking.

Download the Red Cross First Aid App at to get access to life-saving information on what to do for common, everyday first aid emergencies including burns.

The American Red Cross hopes everyone enjoys their Memorial Day weekend and stays safe whatever their plans may be. For more information, visit